Review: Tinkyada Pasta Joy — Brown Rice Pasta Elbow Noodles

The only reason I picked up this package was the declaration, in large letters, “NOT MUSHY!”  I thought to myself, “Oh, they’re not mushy.  That’s a change!!” 🙂  So I brought the buggers home.

A home test reveals that these noodles, indeed, are not mushy.  You can cook them to death and they hold together, just like semolina.  They take a sauce well and generally made me very happy. 😀

However, they have a strong (if you can call it that) rice flavor, which takes some getting used to.  Something about Italian sauces on something that tastes like rice just didn’t sit well with me for some time.  These noodles work best with sauces that are the flavor, not sauces that need the noodle’s flavor to help. 

Try a cheese, cream or tomato based sauce with them.  I’m not a big pesto fan, so I haven’t tried it on these noodles, but it might work as well.  These also would be delicious flavored with a curry (I like the Red Curry from Williams — it comes in a yellow bag), coconut milk and veggies, like a soup.

They are not semolina noodles, no matter how bad we want them to be.  They are different.  They are a little rubbery (but not mushy!), they are a little rice-y, they are even slightly odd looking… but they are noodles you can throw in a cassarole and rely on to not self-destruct.  Heck, they’re noodles and they’re gluten-free!

 All and all, I think they are a pretty good product, and inexpensive as gluten-free pastas go.  At my local grocery store (yeah, I got them at the grocery store, in the tiny health food section) they were around $3.50 for a 16 oz. bag.


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  1. Tinkyada Brown Rice Elbows on

    Testy Pasta Joy Ready. A classic in texture and taste. Wheat free

  2. Bionaturae Fusilli Whole Wheat on

    Bionaturae Fusilli Whole Wheat Pasta helalthy diet with nutrition.

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