Review: Food for Life Rice Pecan Bread

Let me say, first off, that this is not bread in the sense that you people new to being gluten-free will recognize.  It is dense, it is tough and it is loaded with calories!  But, for being a gluten-free bread, it is the best I have yet to put in my face.  Be sure you freeze this bread, because it just doesn’t last, even in the refrigerator.

This rice pecan bread had a nutty flavor, sweetened with fruit juice.  It is excellent toasted (set your toaster on dark!), or used for sandwiches.  Unlike old-fashioned wheat bread, though, each slice has 210 calories… no light lunch.  Like all GF breads, it has problems with being crumbly and will fall apart if stressed.  However, unlike many GF breads, it is tolerable for the newly GF because it has a more ‘bready’ flavor than most products.  It’s not bread in sense that we have been used to, but it is a good substitute.

Good for sandwiches, with soups, for bread crumbs, toast and with jelly.  Ummm… jelly.


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  1. Annie on

    I love this bread and have been enjoying it for about a year now. I’ve only been able to find it at Whole Foods in Chicago but recently haven’t seen it in the freezer amongst the other Food For Life rice breads. I’ll be so disappointed if yet another food item that I enjoy is taken off the market.

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