Review: Sun Flour Baking Company: Mint Chip

OMG!  Unless my memory is failing me, this tastes like a real cookie bar.  Like, totally real, man.  The texture is perfect, like a dry fudgy brownie.  YUM!  A little grainy on the finish, but hey, I’m not going to argue.  The 3oz. package is relatively huge for a GF cookie, and only like $1.80.

I’m eating one as I write this… gotta say, incredibly delish!!  My only complaint, if it is one, is that it is pretty heavy with calories (460 for 30z)… but hey, we all need to indulge now and then.

The mouth feel is incredible… I just can’t get over this.  Eat one, eat one now, I say!! You will be so totally glad you did.


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