Review: Bob’s Red Mill GF Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix

** All comments are based on a single bread loaf I made today using a Sunbeam Bread Maker… with any luck, your results will vary.

I was so excited to pop this out of the breadmaker, after having baked it in my breadmaker on the French Bread setting for seemingly forever.  I was totally super pumped.  I cut in to it, it smelled remotely like fresh wheat bread… I got out my jelly and melted some butter in the microwave… oh, so sweet and fresh….

Then, I bit in.  The sponge-like texture coupled with the moisture it retained was enough to make me gag.  There was a horrible after taste… like swamp water smells.

I am sorry to have to say this, Bob.  I love your other products… but this one is really, really, really icky.  I’m going to leave it out tonight to dry and with any luck, it will at least make decent bread crumbs. 😦

*** EDITOR’S NOTE:  After sitting out on the counter until all the moisture was gone… my “Wonderful” bread chunks were “Wonderful” bricks.  I tossed them.  I hope you have better luck with it.


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