Gluten Free Politics and the Gluten Free Future

I have become obsessed with CNN since a week or so before Super Tuesday.  I watch it, every detail, every delegate.  Tell me, if you can, what the heck is going on in our political system?  Am I completely out of my mind or is it finally working kind of like it is supposed to…?

The top three candidate from both parties: Billary, Obama and McCain are all fairly normal people (considering they have the kind of bling to run for President), each one disagrees (to varying degrees, granted) with the way we are headed… and each one is worried about the little guy because they came from little guys.  *boggle*  And, how is it that McCain is almost guaranteed the Republican nomination with so many Republicans openly despising him?

While I am a long time Democrat (generally speaking, I pretty much just vote my mind anyway), I am beginning to feel confident that whichever of those three get elected, things will improve here in the good ole’ USA.  I hope I’m not just being overly optimistic.

I am suprised that Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton are running so close.  I can’t remember an election that was like this ever before in my lifetime.  I like Obama, he’s grown on me.  I voted for Hillary, though, because at the time I thought she was the right choice. 

I remember the Clinton years, they were ok.  Gas wasn’t $3.00 a gallon, housing hadn’t exploded, it plodded mildly along… the average American could afford to buy nutritious food for their children and corporations weren’t allowed to cut benefits until employees bled.  It was ok.

Obama, though, reminds me largely of JFK (I know he’s kind of trying to plant that idea).  He feels largely inspired by the 1960’s.  I see a lot of both Kennedy’s, of Dr. Martin Luther King, the hope of the many protesters, the freedom of the era all over him.  He is running a campaign that, for what I’ve seen, has critisised his opponents very little, has stated his opinions very clearly, and has already developed some specific goals for the Presidency.  He seems like a real go-getter.  The fact that he was raised by a single, teenage mother speaks to me.  He is the kind of guy that will be able to understand what the Middle and Lower classes are going through right now, despite his success, and I think America is seeing that.  I think if he gets elected, we are in for a wild ride!  Change is often scary and frequently painful, but, if he is the man he appears to be, we will be better for it in the end.

McCain, well, I don’t know much about McCain, except that the Republicans and Fundies hate him, so he’s got to be my kind of guy.  I hear that he’s a centrist, which is what our country needs.  He supports the war, which I do not (though I support the troops, they are just doing their jobs) and never have.  This stinkin’ war has no specific goals, so how do we know when it’s over?  Anyway, he’s not my favorite, but I think he has the force of will to clean up at least some of the mess that King George is going to be leaving.

History will remember whoever comes next and it may not be very favorably.  It may be downright nasty, in fact.  But whoever is next is the force of change.  They all three realize that there is no way to fix the system without some overhauls and I think all three are willing to do it and don’t care to look bad if that’s what it takes.  We are embarking upon a crazy journey and I, for one, am excited to be alive for it.

So, why the politics in this GF blog?  Well, I mean, they affect all of us.  They really do.  Corruption in the White House affects you and I every day when we discover food that’s mislabled, things coming in from other countries that are full of pesticides, manufacturing by-products or lead balls, heck, even the boggling number of jobs being sent overseas affect us.  We don’t live in a bubble.  If the economy can stabilize, we are on our way to pulling out of this mess, my friends.

I have so much hope for the future and I just wanted to share that with you all. 🙂


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