Review: Bob’s Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix

Growing up with a Southern grandmother, in the Missouri Ozarks, I have had a lot of cornbread in my life.  Fresh, from scratch… Jiffy, from a box…. neighbors’ & aunts’ recipes… I know my cornbread. 😉

Bob’s Cornbread, while not exactly Cornbread in the sense that I am familiar with it, is pretty good.  It’s soft, though, which is weird. 🙂  The taste is great, a lot like the batter on a corndog (subsequently what I will be using the mix for next time) and a little moist like a cake.  I made it per directions, but it did take 40 minutes vs. the 20 minute recommended bake time.

I can’t say there’s much to complain about here.  Good, soft cornbread, perfect to go with your white beans and ham… yum!  I think it might be better served as muffins, though.  That would be my only suggestion for improvement (it would also be easier to freeze like that).  Since I’m more or less Southern, I will also be adding sugar to it next time and handmixing for that authentic lumpy texture (just like grandma used to make). 😉

Good cornbread.  GOOD!


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