Personal: Gluten-Free Milestones and Successes

The last four months have just flown by here at Ye Olde Gluten Free Blogge.  We’ve seen major improvement, I’ve lost something in the neighborhood of 15 lbs of the 85 I need to loose… and life in general has been pretty good.  We’ve reflected on being GF many times, and since I am given to boughts of introspection, I expect we will reflect many more times.

I want to thank you all for making this blog worth writing.  I check regularly to see what you’ve been reading and if you’re leaving any comments.  You’re doing both and that makes me so happy!  Being GF was not the easy and simple transition I assumed it would be… it has taken emotional, social and mental toll for sure.  But it’s also taught me a great many things about self-control and temperance, and after all, shouldn’t we learn from our experiences?

I am going to be expanding Ye Olde Gluten Free Blogge in the near future, and we’ve been kicking around things like getting menus from local restaurants without GF menus and posting them, an interactive portion so we can talk about our favorite GF ingredients (specialty or non), and I will be starting to post excerpts from my GF book that is in the works.  Not sure if we’re going to self-pub or try to find a publisher… I guess it just depends on what the market can bear.  All sales will go to finance my education and make this blog more interesting. 😉  If we make #1 on the Bestsellers list, I’ll donate a chunk to finance Celiac research or some such. 😉

I can honestly say that in the last four months, my life has gotten so normal that it is astounding.  My immunity is still down, but the successes cannot be ignored.  I am finally able to think clearly again, my energy levels have been slowly improving… heck, life is good! 

My birthday is April 13th and we’ve already worked out a from scratch recipe for strawberry cake (just like me grammy used to make).  Man, the first few (using conventional cake wisdom and unconventional ingredients) were royal disasters… but we’re in the ballpark now, baby!  Gotta think stiff pudding instead of cake batter… 😉  Can anyone explain the science behind that, btw?  Why are GF baked goods stiff enough to break the shaft on a stand mixer?  I know they don’t have as much liquid… but what’s the dealy-o (there’s got to be engineering behind it)?  My little West Bend can’t take much more!!! 

Actually, joking aside, my little West Bend has performed suprisingly well, considering that it is probably 12 years old and wasn’t the highest end model to begin with… one day maybe I’ll win the International Lottery and be able to afford a really nice KitchenAide… or at least maybe I’ll luck upon a really good, but ancient, mixer at the Flea Market.

Well, here’s to successes and to rattling on because I feel like rattling on… not because I have no idea where I was going with my thoughts!  That in itself is a major success!! 🙂


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