Personal: Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Remember that lovely West Bend mixer that I always brag on… how the little guy holds his own against gluten-free stiffness, etc…

Well, last night I had to put him to sleep.  He just wasn’t cutting it with the GF Naan I was  fighting with and in the battle, he was mortally wounded.  May he rest in peace.

On the upswing, I am eBaying in hopes of a good deal on a used KitchenAid… wish me luck. 🙂

 ****** Later that same evening *******

My eBaying busted!  Turned out that eBaying for a used/questionably sourced machine PLUS shipping is almost as much (within $30-40 depending on the model) as buying a refurbished and warrantied mixer on 

I got the pink Artisan.  Here it be:  These have free shipping and seem to be the deal of the day.  WOOT! 

It almost killed me to spend the money, but I figured that if I never had to buy another mixer as long as I lived (and my people are long-lived) that it would be worth every nickle.


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