Personal: The New Queen of the Jungle

My new KitchenAid Mixer, at home on the counter

Well, my new mixer got here.  It’s a GIRL! 😉  I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone else. 🙂  The mix from last night was actually made with it, but my camera batteries were dead and needed to be recharged.  After that I followed something shiny and got lost, so I’ve only just now gotten back to this. ;P

Boy, compared to my West Bend, this thing is a rocket ship!!!  Just because you *CAN* do it with a West Bend, it doesn’t mean you have to.  Get yourself a refurb Artisian… 325 Watts of power… heavy as a moose… I am ridiculously delighted.

Why don’t we have a name the mixer contest?  If you name the mixer, I will give you a lovely mention on this blog, as this thing doesn’t generate money. 😉


5 comments so far

  1. Greg on

    I have a great name for your pink mixer. How about Pinky Tuscadero From the show Happy Days, I think she was “One Of” Fonzie’s girl friends 🙂

    You will love this mixer! KitchenAid mixers are the best. Did you get any of the attachments? they really make it a more versatile appliance.

  2. crystalstair on

    I haven’t gotten any of the attachments yet, I am still digesting the price tag of the unit. 😉 I figured as I figured out what I needed, I would order attachments. 🙂 Nice to know the option is out there, though, eh? 🙂

    My friend suggested we name the mixer Shirley, as in “Lavern and …” Apparently mixers and old TV shows go hand in hand. 😉


  3. oakling on

    You could name it just plain Pinky, as in Pinky and the Brain. And everyone would think it was an uninspired name but it would be STEALTH COOL. And you would let them think that and then suddenly you’d break out with a Pinky and the Brain quote. Possibly spelled out in (or on) gluten-free muffins.

  4. oakling on

    no fair, i linked the website to my work’s site. no free advertising for work! 🙂

  5. crystalstair on

    I’d be happy to give you free advertising. Do you do something that GF people need to know about? 🙂

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