Taco Bell, Take 2!!

I keep an eye on my blog stats and what sorts of keywords get the most hits.  Many of you are landing here because you want to know what’s GF at the Taco Bell.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that they have an allergen guide availible online!!  http://www.yum.com/nutrition/allergen/allergen_tb.asp & http://www.yum.com/nutrition/allergen/allergen_tb_fresco.asp AND AN INGREDIENTS STATEMENT –>  http://www.yum.com/nutrition/documents/tb_ingredient_statement.pdf

As for what actually gets et from that menu, I am told that the beef is unsafe for us, but the chicken is ok.

A short list of things I order at the TB:

– Fiesta Chicken Taco Salad, MINUS Bowl and Red Strips (most locations will give you free tostada shells to use in place of the bowl if you’re in to scooping)
– Zesty Chicken Bowl, MINUS Red Strips and Zesty Sauce
– Tostada (as is)
– Mexican Rice (as is, usually order with Taco Salad and dump in)
– Fresco Zesty Chicken Border Bowl (they’ve started putting red strips on about 25% of the time, so be sure to order WITHOUT)

Feel free to add your favorite GF Taco Bell items to this list, as we’ve got a lot of people looking for that kind of information here.


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  1. becky on

    Thank you so much. We have been going to TB a lot because we *THOUGHT* it had GF items, according to someone we know…and I had my doubts because of a resurgence of affects. Thank you so much for your blog and for the useful URLs!

  2. crystalstair on

    Thanks for coming by, Becky! 🙂 What do you guys have when you go to the TB? Inquiring minds want to know!!! 🙂

    I had the Fresco Zesty Chicken Border Bowl yesterday (hey, I’m 3 weeks away from summer vacation, things are stressful!!) and it was great. I didn’t even have to special order and that got me really excited. 😛

    The thing I miss most is the Chili Cheese Burrito, which I have learned is almost pure gluten… must have been why I loved it (and the Cheesy Beefy Melt… same story). C’est la vie, C’est la Gluten. 😉

  3. Sandra on

    According to the Taco Bell website, EVERYTHING on the fresco menu contains gluten! Be careful… I ate a “freso” nachos with steak last tuesday, plus taco sauce (contains soy) and am paying for it still. Carry some Larabars in the car or purse and eat at home – this seems to be the safest bet these days, unfortunately!

  4. crystalstair on

    Sandra, go back and check: http://www.yum.com/nutrition/allergen/allergen_tb_fresco.asp

    According to this, the Zesty Chicken Border Bowl is GF. The nachos, however, are not (warning on TB site: *Nachos Chips do not contain wheat proteins; however, they are fried in the same oil with ingredients containing wheat proteins).

    The biggest risk with anything at TB is cross contamination. However, if you’re in a pinch, it’s nice to know there’s an option. I’ve never been sick from this menu item.

    Soy is a common allergen among Celiacs, but does not contain gluten. Soy **sauce** frequently does, but soy is just a bean.

    Here are the ingredients:
    Mild Sauce: Water, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Xantham Gum, 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (As Preservative), Natural
    Flavoring (Soy). CONTAINS SOYBEAN

  5. Libby on

    I had the Fresco taco from TB and I had no problems. All the taco contains is their beef and a fresh tomato salsa. It was really good!

  6. Lizzy on

    Libby – There are oats in the ground beef. Just a heads up. I usually try my luck with nachos – no meat – extra beans and hope the cross contamination doesn’t get me!

  7. Misty on

    I just ate the steak nachos and broke out in hives…I will likely pay for this in other ways tomorrow as well. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac at 32, trying to figure out what I can eat! I am going crazy here 😉

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