Anne Lamott and Gluten in Heaven

So, I was watching the Colbert Report (I get all my fake news from Comedy Central) and the guest was Anne Lamott, author of the book “Grace (Eventually).”  This is a book I’ve not read and probably won’t, since I normally only read books about history, gardening or cooking… but I digress.  She said that Sunday School teachers get the best spots in Heaven, next to the dessert table.

So, I wondered… does that mean that Heaven isn’t gluten-free either?!?  That’s got to be the sickest joke in the universe.  “Welcome to Heaven!!”  “No, there’s no wheat on the dessert table, just cookies and cakes and cheesecake with graham cracker crusts… but no wheat…”  Please. 

That’s my luck: The Afterlife is gluteny and ignorant of it!


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