Review: Kinnikinnick Foods GF Sunflour Flax Rice Bread

If you’re like me, you still sometimes have wet dreams about bread… sweet, delicious, savory, squishy, crunchy, special bread… and if you’re like me, you’ll be glad to know that Kinnikinnick Foods has created a very lovely and beautifully sexy bread.  Great for sandwiches and toast, probably pretty good in meatloafs and maybe as croutons… the possibilities are endless with this durable and forgiving bread.  Weighing in at only 90 calories per slice, it is more in line with traditional white breads.  It’s light, not dense, and did I mention it makes good toast?

I’ve actually been back to the store since my first loaf and am now working on eating my SECOND loaf.  Delish.  Unlike Food for Life breads, this one isn’t like eating a brick and it lacks the social guilt of Bread of Life’s breads.  Glutino makes so so bread, great for meatloafs and meatballs, but not so flavorful as to be able to stand alone.  This bread is a work of art, I have never had a packaged GF bread better than this.


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