Review: Gluten-Free Pantry Muffin and Scone Mix

I was at the health food store yesterday, crying over my angry colon… (if you have diverticulosis, DO NOT eat the Kinnikinnick bread with the seeds in it, it’s so good, but it will tear up your inside-y parts) and I wanted to get some muffins and other soft sorts of things to eat until my colon stopped screaming.  As I wandered the isles of Akin’s in Springfield, Missouri, I came across this baking mix.

“Hmm…” I thought to myself, “I can have these two muffins for almost $6.00 or I can have a dozen muffins for something like $4.50.”  So I ditched the frozen muffins and took the mix home.

If you’ve ever used the GF Pantry mixes, you know they are top shelf.  The box tells the story of a chef who developed Celiac and then went on to develop her own line of baking stuff.  Her mixes almost always rise, which, frankly, freaks the hell out of me.  I am still trying to wrap my head around GF Baking (I was a pretty successful gluten baker at one point in my life), and I have the toughest time getting things to rise, even from mixes.  It’s a whole different ball game with rules that I can’t seem to completely comprehend. 

Anyway, GF Pantry’s one downfall is that she sometimes assumes that you know more about GF baking than you do (or you wouldn’t be using a mix!) and it seems like she leaves things out of the steps.  For example, with the GF French Bread/Pizza mix, to make the pizza crust (which I didn’t write about because it was largely a disaster), it’s easier if you chill the dough before you attempt to do anything with it…. however, it doesn’t say that on the box and it lead to much heartache before I dropped pan and all in the freezer for half an hour.

However, this mix is different.  It’s fool proof, it’s idiot insured, it’s super fantabulous!  I split the batch, making 6 blueberry and 6 chocolate/peanut butter chip muffins (the chips were on sale at the grocery, what can I say?).  The muffins came out fluffy and frighteningly enough, they rose.  Now I have little muffins with domed heads… scary. 😉  These are great muffins, and though I haven’t had a real one in a great while, I reckon they would give the real deal a run for their money.

Here’s the best part!  If you make 12 muffins, they only have about 200 calories each.  Heck, that’s about the same as the bread on a GF sandwich.  I have mine sitting in the fridge since it’s almost 80 degrees F here already, but would imagine that with this texture, they would freeze well or keep well on the counter in a cooler place for a few days.

I am completely and overwhelmingly happy with this mix and I will buy it over and over and over again.  Feh to the perrils of gluten free baking!

Oh, yeah, one last thing.  She says on the box to use dried fruit (which kind of ran contrary to my grandmother’s teachings), so I did… and the process apparently sort of rehydrates the dried up fruits, so chop up anything big you might want to use, like pineapples or apricots or what have you.


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  1. Heather C on

    My problem with GF baking is that most recipes/mixes call for eggs. My daughter is 15 months old and is having a huge problem with allergies, and we are not supposed to give her egg [since it is a common allergen] until we have allergy tests done. Since I am breastfeeding her, I don’t want to eat them either b/c she can react to them through my milk.

    My husband makes some really great GF pancakes though, without eggs, and I couldn’t imagine them even needing them they are so good.

  2. crystalstair on

    I think the reason so many call for eggs is kind of two-fold. First, of course, eggs are great emulsifiers, so they hold your fats and liquids and whatnots together. Secondly, and this is purely speculation, the added protien may provide for additional structure to the baked good, since we’re lacking any gluten to do that for it.

    It’s a shame that your child is having so many allergy problems. At least you caught it young! I’ve been fighting Celiac for years (my mom thinks since childhood) and only got a dx at age 27.

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