Review: Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Chocolate Dipped Donuts

First off, let me say that for pre-made baked goods, Kinnikinnick is quickly becoming my first line of defense.  From bread to donuts(!!), they bake it better.

Now, to the donuts at hand.  These are really good.  They are cakey with a sweet chocolate frosting and they have the consistancy of… wait for it…. cake donuts(!!).  I used to really like glazed type donuts, but clearly, we can’t do that anymore… but this is a pretty good donut none the less.  Consistancy and mouth-feel are about on with a day old cake donut (you know, not the gross kind, but just enough stale that they are a little tough) or a dense coffee cake.  

The box suggests microwaving for 15-20 seconds before eating, which I did after taking the first bite.  The microwave definately makes a difference.  The biggest difference I see between these and “real” cake donuts is that they don’t have that heavy fatty aftertaste.  It’s just a clean cakey sort of love.

These little gems come 6 to a box, each has about 212 calories and they cost somewhere around $6.  If you need a donut, really *NEED* a donut, eat these!  Calorie wise, they are online with a Krispy Kreme, excepting that they have a little calcium and iron.  And did I mention, no trans fats?


Beware the warning on the package, though: Icing may be hot after heating.  OMG!  Microwaves make things hot?  I had no idea… 😉


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  1. Frank Moore on

    excellent review, thank you

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