Blog Evolution

Much like single-celled organisms floating about in Primordial ooze, Ye Olde Gluten Free Blogge is evolving.  Largely, of course, this is because I’m evolving and… this is my blog. 🙂  I’ve been spending a lot of time at a new virtual hangout, RecipeZaar and I’ve finally learned how to cook, I think. 😉  No one has lost their dinner lately, so I think I’m on a roll.

So, on top of talking about products that I love or products that I hate, I am going to get more serious about baking and cooking.  I think it’s sort of the natural progression of things.  GF cooking in general has a pretty steep learning curve, but I think I’m finally ready to share my (sometimes) frightening cooking experiements with the world.  Hold tight world, and carry an extra lunch, just in case.


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