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So, I get my Google alerts every day.  And I read them almost as often.  I find myself reading, just the other day, another blog talking about the blessing/curse of a Celiac Dx.  The part that I find appauling is that the writer (we’ll say “she” because I can’t really remember the gender, but I think it was a woman) talks about the blessing/curse aspect of the Dx and then goes on to bash those who aren’t going to let it get them down.  She said something to the affect of: “Some people are practically giddy about having a Celiac diagnosis.”  (My words, not hers)

I’ve been pondering this for days.  Why in the world would you come out of the bullpen so snarly and angry?  I mean, sure it sucks, but it also is THE ANSWER that you’ve been searching for for weeks, months, years, decades… and I think we deserve to be giddy about it and not be demeaned.  I think it’s safe for me to say that NO ONE WANTS TO BE SICK.  But I also think it is as much or more true to say that NO ONE WANTS TO BE SICK FROM A MYSTERY ILLNESS THAT IS ROBBING THEM OF THEIR SANITY.  And one more… HAVING A DX MEANS THAT WE’RE NOT HYPOCHONDRIACS LIKE EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING.

So, maybe this woman hasn’t been as sick as you and I, or maybe she’s not been as sick as long.  Maybe she’s not suffered from lost… well, everything: status, employment, homes, cars, ability to stand alone, friends, family… maybe she’s not lost like we have.  So, to her, I say, walk a mile in the shoes of others.  Many of us had given up on our dreams and that Dx of CD is like a light at the end of the tunnel.  It allows us to believe that we will be again what we once were, it gives us hope and strength in a world that has forgotten about us and left us behind.  Try to remember that blogs are written by people, not by machines, and they live and love and fail and yearn just like you…


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  1. talkingfox on

    My DX was nothing short of a miracle for me. I really feel what you’re saying here.

    I mean jeez…I had been very sick for a very long time, and something as simple as cutting gluten fixed it????

    To me that’s worth being a bit giddy about.

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