Personal: Peanut Butter Cookie Success!

As some of you have read me repeat over and over again on various forums, Gluten Free baking is practically rocket science.  Baby, I think I’ve finally gotten my boosters! 🙂  The peanut butter cookies were such a hit I’m out after only a day or so.  I decided not to tell anyone that they were GF and see what happened.  Most of what I heard was “You shouldn’t be eating these!  They’re not gluten free!!”  Heck yeah they are. 😛  DH devoured them silently and then snuck a bunch for breakfast. 🙂

I am very, very pleased.  I am also now incredibly confident.  Pie crust is in my very near future, I can feel it.  I also can feel the disaster it brings with it. 😉  You have no idea how sexy a fresh lattice topped pie can be to someone who has been waiting a year to eat one. 😛  The apples and peaches are finally ripening on the trees (took them long enough, sheesh!) and I’ve got a great source for berries… I can’t wait! 🙂


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