Personal: Something that seems simple enough…

Today while I was studying, I did double duty and made tomato sauce. Nothing fancy, just tomatoes and salt… as base as base can be and to be use for various things. My heirloom tomatoes have been so prolific that I have something like 35 lbs. in frozen storage and probably 10 lbs. just sitting around on shelves.

The thing that bugged me, though, was how much water there really is in a tomato. I started with a 5 qt. stockpot something like 3/4 full of rock hard frozen tomatoes and ended up with 28 ounces (maybe 3 cups, if that) of tomato sauce. So, that means I have to do it again tomorrow. So, for your enjoyment, tomorrow I’ll post photos, though I don’t plan on that being this weekend’s cooking project. I haven’t figured out what will be this weekend’s cooking project, yet.

See, I got glutened on Monday and I’m still pukey and sick. I’m sure by Saturday I’ll be dying to be back in the kitchen, but right now the smell of food makes me wretch. I found a groovy recipe for beef enchiladas that I really wanted to try, maybe we’ll do that or tamale pie. I’m not up to making my own, but Hormel has tamales in a can that are GF.

Does anyone know if Doe’s Eat Place’s famous tamales contain wheat flour? One (not sure that it’s a franchise, but something like) opened up in my town a year or so ago and I’ve never been. I saw the one in Mississippi on the Food Network, though, and the tamales looked great. 🙂 It made me want to shove them straight into my face with both hands (take a moment to picture that if you like). I have a recipe for tamales from the Tamale Trail in the Mississippi Delta, but haven’t made them yet. When I do, I’ll let you nice folks know. Jim’s from Chicago and misses things like good tamales and Italian Beef sandwiches… I’ve never had either, but I do what I can to find authentic recipes and fix ’em up.

I started treatment for Fibromyalgia a few weeks ago and it has improved my life significantly. Dr. gave me two generic (low dose) anti-depressants and they seem to be working well. We had rain and drizzle today, so I’m a little stiff, but I can still bend over, so it’s a good day! 🙂 My sleep is much improved, no more roaming the house at night like a creature, when I wake up (still doing that a lot) I can go right back to sleep. It’s the next best thing to sleeping through the night.

Well, I’m about to fall asleep right here, so I guess there’s nothing to do but go to bed. Thanks to everyone who helped me look into Fibro and especially thanks to my doctor, who gave me the meds and really listened to me when I asked him about this possibly being the cause of my ongoing pain.

In other news, I’m already working on planning next year’s garden. We had something like 21 tomato plants this year (I think that’s about right), but only a 6 ft. row of green beans… we definately want to double that. The watermelon and cantelopes are finally doing something, though I’m not sure how much they’ll really do. My corn did squat, my okra did squat, my peas did squat. My squash made a crazy mess and my peppers died from the excessive spring rains we had this year. My brussel sprouts appear to be making brussel sprouts, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m apparently horribly allergic to cucumber pollen, so there won’t be any of those next year… the berry bushes I planted this spring should be big enough to make berries next year (I hope!). What else would be good for a zone 6b veggie garden? Maybe I’ll focus on enlarging my very pathetic herb garden.

For next year I’m building some built-up beds and will probably start with green beans and peppers in them. I have this idea of making little hoop barns to fit over the peppers so that if it rains like crazy next year I can at least keep the water off of them. I plan to take something in the range of 1/3 of the availible yard space and make it into garden space. It has been really nice having fresh produce all summer and knowing it’s in the freezer for this winter. Plus, it gives me a chance to grow produce that I can’t buy (like my green zebra tomatoes… they’re definately coming back next year, along with the garden peach tomatoes).

Well, enough rattling. Sleep now.


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