Personal: Kitchen Chaos!!! (da dum dum dum)

It’s been an eventful week at Ye Olde Gluten Free Blogge.  I discovered, much to my shock and horror, that the washing machine was leaking out of its back and bottom and apparently had been for some time.  Thankfully, it’s still under warranty, but it still was really upsetting.  My kitchen floor, already gasping for air, was completely ruined.  As luck would have it, we were getting ready to replace it anyway… this just moved the time table up a little. 🙂

My old floor was one of those laminate floating floors, and it was horrible!!  The water from the washer ended up collecting under it and got under the plasticy stuff that you put between the laminate and the subfloor.  The floor was soaked!!  I spent the day alternatively dousing it with bleach and running a fan across it to dry it all out.  It is mostly dry now and I imagine it will be all dry by tomorrow AM.  About a quarter of my kitchen is currently under quarrantine until it dries.

Here are some pictures, however, of the new floor as it goes in.  This is today’s work, we removed the old floor, hauled the appliances around, dried out the wet part of the floor (and bleached and treated it for mold), and I layed as many of the “whole” tiles as I could fit in the space I had.

Isn’t remodeling your house while you live in it fun?



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