Personal: Gluten Free Kitchen Reclaimation!!!

The kitchen chaos is over!  We’re back in the proverbial gluten free business.  Here are some pics! 😀  Now, I just got the table set back up, so there’s tons of clutter.  Don’t hold it against me, it’s been a rough week.

On an even better note, we somehow bought a new range over the weekend, too.  We had been looking for a decent range in the $400-600 price range and kept coming up short.  That is, until I went to Sears to check out the scratch and dents… here’s my new range, coming Tuesday. Clicky

I paid $619 for it. Sick, I know. So, so sick. I’m hoping to get at least 20 years out of it as opposed to the three we got out of the old tiny range, which has actually been disfunctional since it came to live in this house two and a half years ago.

See, I was making quesadillas and I left the broiler on in between quesadillas… but we’re talking about an amount of time that can be expressed in minutes, if not seconds… and the whole thing shot out smoke and twisted about five degrees. I managed to get the door to shut, but when I pulled it away from the wall during this project, I discovered that it had scorched the cabinet and the side of the range. We had to get a different range because that whole thing just scared me (plus, how well could it be holding the heat in, really?)


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