Personal: A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Well, friends and neighbors, this is officially my one year anniversary.  Just a week or so before Thanksgiving last year, I was dxed with Celiac.  That was one rough Thanksgiving, I can tell you.  This year was much better. 🙂  My family went to great lengths to save packages for me so I could check the food for gluten and even wanted me to make the gravy “my way,” which was really nice… I didn’t have to worry about it at all. 🙂  It was funny, the rolls and other bread items were actually quarantined to a far part of the kitchen to keep them from the rest of the food.

At home, we didn’t do too shabby either, I must say.  Our Thanksgiving spread includes a nice fluffy turkey breast that was brined for 6 hours, mashed sweet potatoes with chipotle peppers, succotash, homemade GF stuffing with cranberries, cookies of many varieties, cranberry dipping sauce for the turkey, steamed cabbage… we have enough to eat for a week!  MOO!

This is essentially a progress report.  How am I after a year of being gluten free?  I’m great!  Well, I’m not perfect, and I still have to explain it to more distant family members, but I’m so much better and I’ve adapted rather well (if I do say so myself).  Crushing fatigue isn’t as frequent of a vistor and I’m still loosing weight… which is super cool (I recently was forced to buy new pants, since I couldn’t keep the old ones up).

I still have the things that go along with the Fibro, but they are far less irritating by themselves. 🙂  I’ve learned that when I’m stiff and/or sore, I just have to let it be and not try to force myself to do things that will end up making me hurt more.  I have a huge list of To Dos in my head that aren’t getting done… or are getting done at a pace that disappoints me… but I’m slowly learning to accept those as well.  It might have slowed me down, but I certainly am not going to let it win.

So, this is my one year anniversary…. happy anniversary… I need a turkey induced nap.


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