Personal: The Devil’s Fruit and Christmas Baking

Well, it turns out that I now have one more reason to really, really despise bananas.  Not only are they difficult to spell and pronounce, they contain a horrible sickly-sweet mushy pulp that has a texture so disgusting that it is completely indescribable.  Based on statistics I made up, banana-related deaths claim over 1 million lives each year.

It turns out that I am violently allergic to them.  Yesterday, I made a trip to the Asian store (which I love) and was rooting around in the dried spice section when I found dried banana flowers.  Thinking that the flowers were likely flavored differently from the fruit and that they would make a cool addition to my tropical fruitcake cookies I was preparing to bake, I bought a small bag.  When I got them home, I stuck one in my mouth so I could figure out what they tasted like.

It was a horrible, bitter thing… so bad that I spit it out (which is the greatest insult you can give to food).  A few hours later, I noticed that the back of my tongue was sore, but wrote it off thinking that maybe I had bitten it on accident (I’m accident-prone, what can I say?).  By 10pm CST, my tongue had swollen so much it was affecting my speech.  Jim suggested I down several doses of liquid Benadryl and within about a half hour the swelling started to go down.

Oh, but it gets better.

Around 5 am CST, I was woken to a very upset stomach.  Blaming the bag of chips I had for dinner, I went into the bathroom and did my duty for America.  As I was washing my hands, I was gripped by a sudden urge to throw up my guts (fortunately it’s a small bathroom!).  I quickly turned around and started spewing Exorcist-style.  It was both frightening and strangely curious.  I had never experienced such velocity when clearing the contents of my stomach… so I took a half dose of liquid Benadryl to help with the nausea (a trick I got from a nurse that is suprisingly effective).

Now, it’s 11 am CST and I’m still feeling weird.  Stomach is a mess and so is the rest of me.  However, after googling the ingredients in the banana blossoms (banana blossoms and sulphite), I have decided that it’s most likely that I have a banana allergy.  I had no idea you could have an allergy to bananas.  I always just thought my distaste for them stemmed from their inherent evilness and their ties to the Christian Devil.  The fact that they grow in some of the most unpleasant regions of the world (weather wise)  just lends more creedence to the idea that they are Lucifer’s Own.

So, in short and long, that’s how I learned that I had developed a banana allergy.  I always wondered how people figured those things out and now I know.  Hooray, I’m so lucky!


2 comments so far

  1. kristy on

    Hello and Happy holidays.

    I just started reading your blog and I have got to ask…. do your soft buns have that terrible gluten free smell that I just can not stomach????

    I have tried so many different products, paid $20 for bagels from California, and still no luck. I just have yet to find good bread or baked goods that do not have that terrible smell and chewy sticky texture “gluten free” products tend to have.

  2. nerbatron on

    Watch out for a latex allergy with a banana allergy, they tend to go hand in hand.

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