Personal: Add another one to the pile…

After I was first dxed with CD and began my gluten free adventure, I came across many people who told me that as my CD symptoms improve, I would discover “the rest” of my food allergies.  BAH!  I said… I was certain that CD was my magic bullet.

Tonight we can add another one to the list.  My head hurts so bad that it woke me from sleep, resisted 1 sudafed and three doses of benadryl and is making me want to decapitate myself.  Culprit?  Likely MSG, it’s what’s for dinner.

After looking at the symptoms of MSG reactions on various web sites, some of the strange reactions I have to seemingly random foods now becomes clear.  I have an awful time with flushing after meals, even if it’s not dairy-based… that was what first drove me to the doctor in the way back.  One doctor tried to prescribe anti-anxiety medication because he was convinced that was my problem.

So, I guess MSG may have saved me as much as it’s hurting me right now… because it led me to my new Doc, who helped me discover the CD.

So, if you’re counting, you can now kill me with three things (albeit slowly): gluten, bananas and MSG.  Back to your regularly scheduled program.


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  1. Crystal on

    I have trouble with MSG as well. The nutritionist that I met with following my CD diagnosis said that I should avoid MSG because it is sometimes derived from wheat. There seems to be some debate about this in the blogosphere, but I tend to have better luck when I avoid MSG all together. Here is an article linking MSG to wheat, although I’m not sure about the writer’s credentials:

    Thanks for this post!

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