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Updates and a lack thereof

Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I may very well no longer upkeep this blog (though I know it is useful for you guys, so I won’t delete it). I’ve recently gotten some very … well, bad isn’t the word, but it’s not good… news about my health and am still sorting through it all. I’ve had an incident that has caused a dis-coordination between my left side and my right side that I am working to correct, but it makes cooking especially difficult because Lefty keeps breaking things and messing things up!

Blog on, my friends, blog on.


Gluten Free Cooking Rut

Boys and girls, friends and neighbors, I am officially in a GF rut. 😛  I’ve been spending so much time in my garden and fiddling with chickens that I have really not been leaving any time for recipe development.  For that, I apologize.

If you’d like to see what I HAVE been doing, check out my garden blog at Clicky  I’ve also been struggling with the Cold From Hell, but that’s not mentioned anywhere in there. ;P


6 Week “Clean Out The Pantry” Challenge

Hello, girls and boys!  I’ve noticed that I’m picking up a bad habit of… er… picking up extra things at the grocery store.  You know, a can of tomatoes here, a bag of noodles there… and now I have so much it won’t fit in the pantry!  The only solution is a moratorium on grocery acquisition (except milk and eggs).

So, today, I declare that I will not buy another grocery item (except milk and eggs) until April 1, 2009.  AND I promise to post anything I happen to cobble together that is remotely interesting. 🙂

Ta Ta for now!

Gluten Free Diet Confusion Revisited

Today I got a really strange comment to my blog.  And, yes, I deleted it, because I wanted to be able to comment on what I feel is an incredibly dangerous opinion in response to my GF Diet Confusion post.  Here it is and below are my feelings on this post.

“These are true assumptions about gluten. But I am not going to be strictly GF simply because I CANNOT live without eating something. I am a human being. I need food. I need different kinds of food, especially those that are rich in vitamins. Bread might have bad gluten, but hey – I am unsure that I am celiac also!
Besides, I plan to stick to the best organic dark brown (or is it called black) bread that I can afford. Fortunately it has no yeast or sugar etc.
I would also like to comment on your blog about the right to share information. On my blog I have written a few articles about gluten as well as casein and candida infections. I am not a physician. In fact I am only 22. What I do is share my knowledge of the world. This is not bad in any way. I have also clearly stated that my posts reflect what I know about the world, and not what is truth actually.
People are clever – they might stumble upon my blog and learn something new. Then they read I cannot rule out grains… because I am simple and poor. I prefer to learn more about my body and its sophisticated needs. That way I can find out the truth about my own personal constitution. It is so clear – people will kinda know me as a person.
I hope you got my idea!

– First of all, I’m hoping this is a native speaker of a language other than English, and perhaps that will help with some of my immediate alarm.

-Secondly, if you are CELIAC, gluten will ultimately kill you in slow and degrading ways.

-Third, gluten intolerance is currently thought to be autoimmune as well, so there’s not a good reason to risk it when there’s so much rice in the world.

I’d like to say to this person that I’ve been sick most of my life; there is not a single day that I wouldn’t give anything to have back, knowing what I know now.  I’m chronically anaemic, I suffer from debilitating pain and have problems with practically every part of my digestive system because (I believe) of a diagnosis that took entirely too long.  I’ve run up TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills (most of which I cannot ever dream of repaying); endured painful and ultimately unnecessary surgeries, treatments and degrading testing; and been treated like a loon by more medical professionals than I care to recount.  I would never have had to endure a bit of it had someone known to test me for Celiac when I was much, much younger (my mother thinks around age 8… almost 21 years ago — it apparently came up, but my childhood doctor couldn’t get the testing supplies).

I’ve been denied the ability to make a decent living, I cannot get affordable medical insurance that’s worth having (I currently have a $15,000 deductable), my dreams have been destroyed by the fear that at any moment a complication could rear its ugly head.  I am studying to teach Online so that I can continue to work and not be forced to live off of the meager safety nets that America has in place (but it is highly unlikely I will ever be able to hold a full time job because dealing with my complications is pretty much a full time job).  I am isolated because of my embarrassment that I might have to explain my disease to someone new.

If you have a problem with gluten that is autoimmune in nature, if you’re aware of it and you choose to ignore it, you’re sentencing yourself to a life of pain, loneliness and frustration.  Welcome to my world; it’s not a pretty one and not one I would wish on anyone else.  I will continue to do what I can to improve the lives of Celiacs and to further the migration of verified and proven information as long as I live… with any luck, the generations of Celiacs that come after me will be diagnosed more quickly and suffer fewer of the effects of long-term exposure to gluten.

Personal: Add another one to the pile…

After I was first dxed with CD and began my gluten free adventure, I came across many people who told me that as my CD symptoms improve, I would discover “the rest” of my food allergies.  BAH!  I said… I was certain that CD was my magic bullet.

Tonight we can add another one to the list.  My head hurts so bad that it woke me from sleep, resisted 1 sudafed and three doses of benadryl and is making me want to decapitate myself.  Culprit?  Likely MSG, it’s what’s for dinner.

After looking at the symptoms of MSG reactions on various web sites, some of the strange reactions I have to seemingly random foods now becomes clear.  I have an awful time with flushing after meals, even if it’s not dairy-based… that was what first drove me to the doctor in the way back.  One doctor tried to prescribe anti-anxiety medication because he was convinced that was my problem.

So, I guess MSG may have saved me as much as it’s hurting me right now… because it led me to my new Doc, who helped me discover the CD.

So, if you’re counting, you can now kill me with three things (albeit slowly): gluten, bananas and MSG.  Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Happy, Happy Holidays

I’ve mastered a few new cookies, and will be posting them after the holidays.  I hope you all enjoy your times with your families and that you eat wonderful, gluten free food. 🙂  I will also share my secret to perfect, sweet, succulent turkey breasts… soon… soon. 🙂

Later, taters!


I think I’ve figured out why my buns have fallen so utterly flat. More on this as it develops.