Eating Gluten Free in Springfield, Missouri

I keep seeing people searching for gluten free places to eat in Springfield, Missouri and landing here.  Since you’re here already, I figured I’d start a list of places to eat at, to avoid, etc.

Cuisine: American
Notes:  The last time I was here (Nov 2007), the waitress was snotty and unhelpful.  They didn’t have a GF menu online or in store then and I don’t think they really gave a rip.  After going over my speel about how I can’t have bread and all of that jazz, the waitress brought my steak out with a giant piece of bread on top of it.  I sent it back, but I think the bread was just removed and brought back out to me.  I was sick for a week afterwards.  BAD PEOPLE, BAD!

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Address: 1338 E. Battlefield (in Fremont Shopping Center)
Phone: 417/881-9881
Prices: $4.00-$8.99
Notes:  No need to call ahead, just tell them you need a GF menu when you get there.  These are laminated single legal sized sheets.  Many of the servers are familiar with Celiac Disease, since I eat there regularly. 🙂

Bandana’s BBQ
Cuisine: American
Notes:  Don’t eat here if you can avoid it.  It is a sad experience.  The only GF things in the entire restaurant are the smoked turkey and the green beans.  The BBQ sauce is NOT SAFE.  It is a dry and sad eating experience.

Notes:  Print out the GF menu and bring it with you.  The servers seem to be familiar with the phrase ‘gluten-free’, but still could use some help. 🙂

Cuisine: Tex Mex?
Notes:  I went to Chipotle today, man it was excellent!  Great, fresh flavors and really good attentive staff.  I ordered the Chicken Burrito in a Bowl, a side of Guacamole and a bag of Chips and it was less than $9.  We managed to feed two people well on this.

El Maguey
Cuisine: Mexican
Notes:  Language barrier makes “no gluten” tricky, but I have never been sick there and almost everything starts out in a corn shell.  Enter at your own risk.  Food is really good and authentic Mexican food in particular is generally GF.

Gem of India
Cuisine: Indian
Notes:  Also not sure about official GF status, but Indian food is largely GF in nature.  Avoid breads and anything fried as they do not use a dedicated fryer.  I have had no problems, other than indigestion. 😉

Golden Korea
Cuisine: Korean
Notes:  Despite what appears to be a very good grasp of the English language, I have been glutened here every single time I’ve been in.  When I have special ordered, they will substitute things I didn’t ask for (the biggest problem here is that they marianade in soy sauce).  They are not a safe option, as they are too unpredictable and just don’t get it.

Hong Kong Garden
Cuisine: Chinese Buffet
Notes: A reader posted that this was a safe place to go if you had the Mongolian BBQ steamed only. I ate at this place yesterday and I am sick as a dog today. The way the Mongolian BBQ works is this: the dude has a steamer basket inside a pan filled with what I assume is water and maybe some spices (it was yellowish, so I’m not sure). He dunks everyone’s food in it for a couple minutes, presumably to parboil it. Then he tosses it out on the grill. The man way in front of me had a bunch of noodles on his plate… so when it got to my steamed veggies, I had a bunch of noodle liquid on mine. I got glutened at the Hong Kong Garden; I spent half an hour in their bathroom (and it was kinda gross). I feel like I am going to die now.

Cuisine: American
Notes:  You’d be best to avoid this place.  They even put pancake batter in the omlettes.

Logan’s Roadhouse
Cuisine: American
Notes:  No printed GF menu is availible, but the managers are pretty good at figuring out what you can and can’t have.  There is a waitress there named Cassie who is exceptional (her sister has sun allergies).  Steer clear of the beef, but the chicken, pork and seafood are ok without seasoning.  Sauces vary.  Dressings are ok per Logan’s corporate chef.  I usually have the pork chops (order them without the apples, as they are not GF) or the Kickin’ Chicken Salad.  Mon-Thurs is 2 meals for $13.99.

Macaroni Grill
Cuisine: American/Italian Fusion
Notes:  There is one thing on the menu you can special order and be safe with.  It’s a chicken dish, but you have to order without any sauce (and by sauce, they mean little bits of cut up tomato with seasoning) and the only side that is ok is asparagus.  I ordered this, as suggested by my waitress (in consultation with the manager) on my only outing to this place, and they got it wrong.

New China Buffet
Cuisine: Generic Asian?
Notes:  Don’t eat here, you will regret it.  I couldn’t identify one thing on the bar that was GF and took a chance with the more innocent looking sushi… was sick for a week.

Outback Steakhouse
Cuisine:  American/Austrailian?
Notes:  They have a real life gluten free menu in the store.  I’ve seen it personally and can confirm it! 😉  Here’s the online version. Your mileage may vary, but my experience there was really good.

Red Robin
Cuisine: American
Notes:  I haven’t been here, but I emailed them for an allergy list.  Here it is: allergen-wheat_gluten-menu-valid-until-080108.  Appears to be fairly disappointing.

Rib Crib
Cuisine: American / BBQ
Notes:  Ate here with my Dad on his birthday, it was great.  They have an allergen PDF at this site:  HERE!

Cuisine: Japanese
Notes:  There is a language barrier here, plus they will randomly substitute for whatever you want left out.  I ordered a Philly Roll with no crab and got a Philly Roll with fish eggs marianaded in soy sauce.  NOT SAFE!

Steak and Shake
Cuisine: American
Notes:  While the menu says all this stuff (to follow) is gluten-free, you should be very careful about cross-contamination.  The shakes I am especially afraid of because they make them all (including malts) on the same machines.  They are open 24 hours, though, so that might be helpful to someone. 🙂

Taco Bell
Notes:  There are several items on the menu that are ok.  Avoid the ground beef because there’s wheat in them there seasonings.  Please read these pages:,,

TGI Fridays
Notes:  Rumor has it that the Spinach dip and Corn chips are okee dokee, but I have emailed the corporate types to see if that’s really true.  Only time will tell. 🙂

Thai House
Cuisine: Thai
Notes: Thai House has recently (as of 11/1/2008) changed hands.  The new people are much easier to understand and communicate with. 🙂  YAY!  We’ve been able to confirm that the imperial rolls are GF, as is the Tom Ka Khi soup and the Pumpkin Curry.  The pumpkin curry is my all time favorite.  DO NOT EAT THE SOUP THAT IS IN THE BIG VAT!!!  It definately has gluten, I asked.  The clear salad dressing is ok, though, it’s mostly sugar and vinegar and, of course, the salad veggies.

Thai Peppers
Cuisine: Thai
Notes:  There is nothing GF in the entire store.  The one time I’ve eaten there since Dx, the manager made me something special.

Suprisingly enough, I just learned that Wendy’s has a GF menu.  Having given them up for dead, I never bothered to look and see if they had one.  But, they do.  Yay!  Here’s the link:

Village Inn
Cuisine: American
Notes:  There are several dishes on the menu that are GF, mainly salads minus bready things and breakfast items.  Ask the server, they’ve been pretty good to deal with.  I usually get breakfast and about half the time they will bring me fruit instead of pancakes as a side.

* Note, this page is incomplete and will continue to be updated until I get bored of it. 😉  Please send me your GF restaurant information for Springfield, Missouri and I will add it to the list (and I’ll eat there, too!). *


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  1. Carolyn on

    We go to the Steak N Shake on Campbell ave. Just south of Battlefield a little ways. It is great. We get the burger with no bun, salad hold the croutons, fries and a shake.

    other sides are coleslaw, fruit, and cottage cheese.

    Waiters are very helpful and will go back to check ingredients…and then they remember you next time you come in…very friendly. They also have a policy of using the coupons but not collecting them so you can reuse them over and over until they expire.

    • CHRISTY on

      I have read that if they use frozen fries, then you have a chance of having gluten. Some fries are coated in a thin amount of flour to keep them white.

      • HP on

        Also, they use the same fryers as the breaded chicken.

  2. Out Back on

    They have a gluten free menu. But then they brought out a freshly baked loaf of bread and sat it at the table…and even the meal, that was supposed to be gluten free…made me sick sick sick! Tried it a second time, foolishly, even sicker.

    The wait staff had no idea what gluten free was, and the GF menu is printed so small it is hard to read it. Bummer too because the steak did taste good, it is why I dared to try it a second time.

    • Sandy on

      This is surprising – my daughtr has celiac disease, and has eaten and numerous Outback’s and never had an issue. We’ve had great success with eating there.

    • eworth on

      The Outback in Madison Wi was great. They even came to the table and said that they had to make my daughter’s burger over because of a problem and they take it very seriously.

    • Lori on

      I have celiac disease and have eaten at Outback several times with no problems. The store manager, Kyle (I think that is his name), was very nice and helpful. Even the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under is gluten free. It’s nice to be able to have dessert when I go out.

  3. Chipotle on

    Vegetarian salad, with any toppings. Ingredients are of high quality…it can be spicy though. But staff was helpful at directing me to the mild items. It was pricey though for just a salad and a drink, chips and some guacamole…came to just over $9.00.

  4. Jacque on

    You can eat at Mongolian Grill (chestnut and glenstone) and order the fresh veggie/meat bar where they cook it there in front of you. Just ask for no sauce and have them steamed. A TON OF fresh shrimp, chicken and beef with no marinades on them. Then you could take your own wheat free soy sauce and or whatever condiment if you wished to have sauce. THat is what we do for our little one. She has the fruit and ice cream and steamed rice also there.

  5. Jacque on

    Cheddars in Springfield will cook fries and burgers with no seasoning for GF persons. They are VERY LARGE burgers.. so we asked for them to sautee some mushrooms in butter and give us a burger (no bread and unseasoned fries). Was great! I believe they also have ice cream that we have had there just fine.

  6. talkingfox on

    I too have gotten ill at every single Outback I’ve ever eaten at. They also have listed Bleu Cheese on their GF menu, which, of course ,isn’t

  7. crystalstair on

    I have been told that there’s a GF Bleu Cheese dressing from Kraft, so somewhere there’s GF Bleu Cheese. 😛 Being the kind of person that gags when they see Bleu Cheese, it’s only hearsay.

    • CHRISTY on

      Wishbone has a gluten-free blue cheese dressing. It is my favorite!

  8. Bambu on

    Went to Bambu this week. Ordered their N1. I believe it was a noodle soup with seafood. When the order came out, it had egg noodle in it. A big no no for Celiacs and those with gluten intolerance. I know I specifically told the waiter, I need it prepared the way the gluten free menu specifies. They then prepared me a second bowl and that came with imitation crab sticks. I may be wrong, but I think those are not gluten free either. Either way, I didn’t eat them. I was looking forward to a good Vietnames noodle soup but I was quite disappointed at Bambu.

    • Victoria on

      They must have learned from your encounter. I have been there many times and have not gotten sick. I have had to correct at least three restaurants to inform them that imitation crab sticks do contain gluten : (

  9. crystalstair on

    I can’t attest for the rest of your comment and I’m sorry if you had a bad experience. I’ve always eaten at Bambu safely. However, I have found some crab sticks out in the wild that are gluten-free, so you might have been ok with those. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. garry on

    thank you for taking the time to come up with a list. Ijust found out that i have celiac,Iam 56 .For years I got sick after eating,lost a lot of weight. I though I cancer. Before I went to the DR. I could only go up hill about 10 steps at a time before I HAD TO STOP AND REST. WHEN i WENT TO THE dr. my blood count was 2. HE TOLD ME TO GO RIGHT TO THE HOSPITAL. TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT ,THEY TOLD ME THAT FOOD WAS GOING THROUGE ME SO FAST THAT i WAS NOT GETTING ANY THING OUT OF IT . SsO THANKS FOR TAKING TIME TO MAKE A LIST. GARRY

  11. Leona D on

    Thanks for the list! I don’t live in Springfield, MO. I’m over near the St. Louis area. But a good number of these are chain restaurants and I was unaware that they had gluten free lists until now.

    I was recently in New Zealand, and was amazed by how easy it is to find gluten free stuff over there. I’m glad to see that there are at least some restaurants here that are starting to get the hint that there’s a customer base for this stuff.

  12. Carolyn on

    WOW we went to Qdoba on Battlefield last night, FANTASTIC. They all knew about gluten free and were so helpful. Many things are gluten free there except the chips, and shells but they let us bring in our own chips! And the white corn tortillas are gluten free and they gave us several upon request to use with our ‘naked burrito’, which is a FULL plate of tasty mexican eats.

    Definately going back!

    • Qdoba on

      Update…we went out of town for several weeks and stopped at Qdoba when we returned, we both reacted to something. Not sure if a month without it made a difference? But we are going to have to take this back off our list for now.

    • karen on

      Ate Qdoba on East Sunshine couple months ago. Was take out, called & talked to gentleman long tme on GF foods as I have celiac. Assured my food would be gluten free. Wrote them twice & no reply. They do not care. Won’t ever eat at Qdoba again.

      • karen on

        Ate Qdoba on East Sunshine couple months ago. Was take out, called & talked to gentleman long tme on GF foods as I have celiac. Assured my food would be gluten free. Wrote them twice & no reply. They do not care. Won’t ever eat at Qdoba again. Was glutened.

  13. patrick on

    I heard that Qdoba is not safe at all. They use wheat as a binder to keep the seasoning on the meat. The food is not marinated in the restaurant and there is lots of cross contamination. I personally would recommend Chipotle for gluten free. They have a surprisingly large GF customer base. I know at least two managers on the Campbell location know about celiac. I used to work there and educated the staff.
    They have.
    a dedicated fryer,
    no gluten in any of the meat marinades
    an allergy warning guide
    no gluten is ever on the grill for cross contamination
    all the salsas and beans and rice can be ordered from a fresh container to ensure no contamination.

    I have been looking for places to eat in springfield and found that Chilies was the most hospitable.

  14. Qdoba on

    Where did you get the info about the wheat as a binder? I checked their website and their allergen list shows no wheat on their proteins.

  15. kevin wilkerson on

    We went to Zio’s last night. They have a gluten free menu. No pasta dishes but still pretty good. They are all chicken dishes plus two steaks and a couple salads. I’ve also seen that Pasta House Co. and Olive Garden have gluten free menus but we haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for posting these restaurant . it really comes in handy.

    • Bev on

      I recently emailed Zio’s asking if they had a gluten-free menu. Got a nice reply with the GF menu attached, but also the news that they were working on adding gluten-free pasta, and their menu would reflect this when they were ready – target timing August, 2010.

      Also, I suggested that they offer GF pizza, and they sent back several emails that showed their interest in following up on the idea.

      • Lori on

        Zio’s is amazing. They have gluten free flat bread that you can get in place of the bread they bring to the table and can also get flat bread pizzas. They do have gluten free pasta now and it is absolutely wonderful. I had to double check with the manager that it was actually gluten free. She even told me the brand they use, but I can’t remember now. They have appetizers that are gluten free, as well.
        When I was there in July, they were in the process of redoing their menu and I haven’t been back since then so I’m not sure what has changed. I love Zio’s and will keep going back.

  16. Jim on

    We eat at Mr. Yen’s. Usually ask for Linda to wait on us. Take your GF soy sauce and they will fix you meal with it. I’m not real sensitive to gluten, so I don’t know if CC is present, but blood tests have been good.

  17. Cheddars on

    I called Cheddars yesterday to see what the options were and spoke with the Manager. She didn’t know what gluten free meant so I explained wheat, and other grains like rye, barley…her answer was that all their food was safe to eat since they…

    “don’t use wheat we use flour”.

    Rack another one up for the dumbing down of America! (I wish this was the first time I had heard this answer…but oddly enough, it is not).

    • Amanda on

      Wendy, the manager at the Cheddar’s in Independence is great! We had lots of allergies at a big group and she did awesome answering all our questions and helping us find something delicious!

  18. Amber on

    I just heard from a friend that Bud and Walts in Nixa has gluten free pizzas! And wow, that Cheddars comment really made me laugh. I would think being in the food business, that it would be required to know about different food allergies and intolerances!

    • Bev on

      We found Bud and Walt’s early this year, and have been there at least 6 times for my son to get pizza.

      • Bud and Walts on

        Just tried the pizza here this week too. They have a nice restaurant. And the pizza is ok, (hard to compare with homemade), much appreciated that they are so close by. But they are still missing the “wow” factor.

        However, the cook that was on was so interested in the gluten free and talked for quite awhile about it and said that they have been trying to find distributors for gluten free products to sell.

        So anyone in the area that can cook up some goodies you may want to take some samples in and start up a little business. He mentioned trying to get cookies, breads, dessert bars, etc. But he mentioned, of the items they have tried so far…they were overpriced and “awful” as he put it. I am glad they aren’t willing to sell something they themselves do not want to eat and are trying to keep it affordable.

        Thumbs up on Bud and Walts of Nixa

  19. Joseph on

    I took a leap of Faith and tried The Pasta House and their gluten free chicken alfredo. They were very educated about Celiac disease and the cashier stated that she also suffered. She reassurred me that The Pasta House was very careful with their gluten free orders. The manager came out to ask me if I thought the chicken would be okay as it is cooked on the same grill as their croutons (?). I had no problems whatsoever and would recommend anyone with needing a GF diet give them your business.

  20. Lori on

    HuHot in the mall does a great job. They always clean the grill and the waiter we have gotten is wonderful at checking labels

  21. Casey on

    Another awesome place in Springfield is Coltons. I’ve been eating there for several years. They’rea really helpful and a lot of variety. They even list on the menu what the brands for what they’re using are like Daisy, Kraft, etc. We usually get the trail potatoes as an appetizer, nice house salad w/o croutons, steak and smashed potatoes loaded….it’s nice to go out and eat something with family and friends without constantly picking at a salad.
    And definitely kudos to Chipotle! We eat there at least once a week!

  22. Helen on

    Huhot is definitely a great place to go! They really understand gluten free eating…have never complained about cleaning the grill for me and they have gluten free soy sauce if you ask for it! They have a menu that lists all the gluten free sauces you can use plus you have so many choices in meats and veggies and gluten free rice noodles! Yum! Don’t forget to bring your tip for the cooks to the grill with you so you can bang the gong!

    • Katelyn on

      I’ve gotten immediately and painfully sick every time I’ve eaten there, and so has my sister who is also gluten sensitive. This was usually at crowded or busy times, though, so maybe the “cleaning” process isn’t as successful for preventing cross-contamination when the grill is being heavily used. That or it’s the nature of buffets… people eating will use the wrong tongs to grab foods, mix the food together, drip the sauces into one another, etc.

  23. sandra wilson on

    Tried BamBu last week, loved it.

  24. ellen on

    Jimm’s Steak House has a lengthy Gluten-Free menu!

  25. Dana on

    I have gone to OceanZen a number of times, and all of the wait staff and managers are wonderful to work with. They don’t have a set gluten-free menu (or dairy-free, as I need both), but they can work with you to customize any meal you want, and the food is fabulous!

    Does anyone know if Bud and Walt’s GF pizza crust is also dairy-free? I would love to be able to go get pizza with my husband and kids!

  26. Arris Pizza on

    Oh and don’t forget Arris Pizza. Best Pizza in town! (They’ve got the WOW factor the other reviewer was looking for).

    Probably eaten there over 10 times already since finding them and NEVER gotten sick. But better than that is we love the pizza and the staff! We realllly miss them when we are out of town.

    (Heard from someone on an email list to not try their salad…no personal experience on that though.)

    • Kelly on

      Another thumbs up for Arris Pizza!! Their pizza is spectacular and I love that their tomato sauce has no msg either. Definitely a favorite!

  27. Amy on

    I ate at El Maguey’s Mexican restaurant tonight. I had the Fajitas Mi Pueblo and asked for corn tortillas. The food was tasty and appeared to be gf (no spices or sauce as requested); however, I barely made it home before I was sick. Ugh. Not going there again.

  28. Jeanette on

    Just learned I needed a GF diet and am finding it very hard this site is very helpful to know where you can go to eat out with family.
    Thank you very much

  29. Bev on

    Went to a soccer banquet at Millie’s cafe (downtown on Jefferson, near Park Central Square) last night. My son is a soccer player and has Celiac. I called the manager a few days in advance, and all of the food was OK except the rolls and dessert. We had parmesan chicken, roasted pork tenderloin with apricot glaze, garlic smashed potatoes, green beans almondine, and Italian salad. Yummy!

  30. Maddie on

    I went to Red Robin the other day in springfield and they are very good at helping out with the allergy. The best part about them is that they now have a Gluten Free BUN for your burgers 🙂 it was REALLY good! I have now been there about 5 times since I tried it! I recommend going and trying it out!

    • Pam on

      They have been trying to get me to try the bun at Red Robin but I still like the lettuce wrap burgers. Messy but great! They have a wonderful GF menu you just need to ask for it when they seat you.

      • Dawn on

        I agree with red robin, we are new to gluten free, and while my son would rather have macaroni and cheese, the gluten free bun was a life saver! Good food and understanding staff is what we need. Don’t forget dominos now has gluten free pizza!

  31. Melanie on

    I am from West plains and am having trouble finding Udi’s bagels and bread. We will be coming to Springfield soon and wondered which store might carry them.
    We have a large family of celiacs and I will be buying in as much bulk as I can.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Donna R. on

      You can always go to Mama Jeans Natural Market in Springfield for your Gluten Free needs… She has two locations and has a really good variety of gluten free products.

    • christine on

      JB’s in West Plains has Udi’s bread in the freezer section.

    • Katelyn on

      The Dillions on National near MSU carries Udi’s GF granola, bagels, hot dog and burger buns, muffins, cookies and pizza crusts. Even better, they are not frozen and thus stale! 🙂 This location also has a good selection of Amy’s GF frozen foods and labels many products as GF with a little tag. Mama Jeans and Hy-Vee also have GF products, but their GF bread products are always frozen (and at Mama Jeans they often look mishandled). Hy-Vee has a wonderful, though pricey, selection of GF foods like chicken nuggets, donuts, and pizzas as well.

  32. Bev on

    I don’t buy a lot of that stuff, but I would suggest Mama Jean’s on Republic Road or Akins on Battlefield Road.

  33. Melanie on


  34. Greg on

    My wife has celiac disease and the easiest place for us to go is ‘The Grotto’ in the shopping center to the right of Buffalo Wild Wings (who also provide gluten free items). They have a completely separate gluten free menu that is very extensive…including AMAZING gluten free pizza. Definitely worth trying!

  35. Sarah on

    I went to Nonna’s recently-at their new location on National. They have a couple of polenta dishes that would be OK, but they also fixed me gluten free pasta and mentioned all the sauces were OK. I had the special with alfredo, mushrooms and spinach on penne pasta. It was very good and I had no problems with being sick. I’m hoping to go back soon!

    I also second the recommendation for Ocean Zen. I’ve been there twice now and both times they have been very helpful and have made me something with different sauces (the berry sauce and the thai chili sauce are OK to have). My favorite place in Springfield!

  36. carol on

    I just found out I have candida problem was afraid id have to give up eating out..thank you for taking the time to find GF friendly restaurants

  37. Katrina Buening on

    Thank you for this! It’s so hard to find anything gluten free in Springfield! Oh I hear that emos pizza now has GF pizza?? I think I might go tonight to check it out! Thanks again!

  38. Amber on

    Is there a gluten free bakery in springfield?

    • Lori on

      I know this post is three years old, but I’m giving it a try. I have still not found a gluten free bakery in Springfield. I have heard that a few may now have gluten free options, however, as a celiac, I would be too afraid of cross contamination. I am currently a culinary student at OTC and my goal is to open a 100% gluten free bakery/cafe when I finish school.

      • Bre on

        Oh please do!!! And let me know when and where! I would die for a gluten free bakery option and give you a lot of business😉

    • Missy on

      Neighborhood Mill at Independence and Fremont now has wonderful homemade gluten free cookies.

  39. Katelyn on

    I work at the Taco Bell on Cherry and National and am gluten sensitive, if I am working ask for me and I can help you order and will be glad to double-check our ingredients for gluten and MSG and make sure there isn’t any cross-contamination that I can help. I regularly re-examine our products since I know ingredients can vary from area to area. Steak Grilled Stuft burritos minus the tortilla are gluten free, and the only Cantina ingredients with gluten in them are the chicken (modified food starch) and the cilantro lime dressing (can’t remember, but it is not safe!) so a steak or veggie style cantina bowl with no dressing is what I typically eat on my break. Also, our jalepenos contain MSG, and all of our sauce packets except for the Fire sauce are GF. Do not eat anything fried, since our location only has one fryer and we fry chalupas and empanadas in it.

  40. Bev on

    Tasia on Campbell will prepare gluten free. My son is a waiter there and the food is great

  41. Missy on

    Grant’s Restaurant in Ozark (across the street from Lambert’s) has always taken excellent care of me in regards to gluten free food..and the food is always excellent. They have wonderful beef dishes with smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed veggies with it. I highly recommend it.

  42. Taylre on

    The pasta house and florentina’s are awesome. They’re owned by the same people and they are are extremely nice about gluten free and they are SO careful. They have gluten free pasta and a separate part of the kitchen for gluten free. It’s awesome. Also, if you’re willing to trek to Ozark, OZMO has awesome Chinese and the waiters are very familiar with gluten free. Just stay away from tempura or anything fried, ponzu sauce, the ginger sauce, crab sticks, and the Korean soy sauce marinated beef dishes. Also, ReRico is awesome if you’re very careful and you speak with the waiter.

  43. Taylre on

    Oh and also, the grotto in Springfield has great gf pizza and even sandwiches if you bring your own bun. The steaknshake on Campbell has been very good to me, I can talk to the manager and they use a dedicated fryer, clean all the utensils, change gloves, and even clean the shake machine for me. Also, Mama Jeans on Republic has awesome gf paninis. Never eat at McAlisters because some of their gf menu items are not gf. Also never try Olive garden because despite having a gf menu they will always glutaminate you. Heritage Cafeteria not safe either. I’ve had wonderful results with Bambi– note that there are two restaurants called this in Springfield and the one by the heritage is not the safe one. Gem of India is awesome but avoid the buffet or chicken curry and fried or bread stuff.

  44. Taylre on


  45. Taylre on

    Oh, and the new iguana roho place in Ozark on the square is awesome and very accommodating. So far never been glutened there.

  46. Claire on

    Try Cafe Cusco at 234 E Commercial Street. Most of the menu is gluten free. check it out on or facebook cafecusco. The cuisine is Peruvian….excellent menu choices. also caters to soy allergies.
    most dishes can be specially cooked to order.

  47. Claire on

    Jason’s deli by the battlefield mall is AWESOME! They have a lot if gluten free options. They will make almost any sandwich on gluten free bread and they still taste amazing. Qdoba is about the same as chipotle but they will also switch gloves and whatnot if you have celiac. Also the nachos are gluten free and amazing. Gaileys breakfast cafe on walnut downtown also have gluten free bread and most of their options can be made gluten free. Very helpful page! Thank you! 🙂

  48. Pat Long on

    Tried Red Robin. I went over 2 how careful they needed to be. I was sick before we left the restaurant. When I came out of the washroom my grandson (9 years old) said I guess we need to mark this place off our list! He is so right. Sick for a week.

    • Lori on

      Sorry to hear that you got sick from Red Robin. I have celiac and have never had a problem eating there.

  49. Deborah Wilson on

    I want to invite you to SEEDS Gluten Free Bakery at Farmers Park Farmers Market on Thursday evenings beginning 5/21. We had a death in the family and had to cancel this week. But we will be up and rolling next week. Please come by and try our free samples. We use healthy, high quality ingredients!

    • Lori on

      Where is this located? I do not live in Springfield, but am somewhat familiar with the area. I would love to be able to try this out sometime when I’m in town.

      • Debbie Wilson on

        I’m so sorry. I am the owner of Seeds Gluten Free Bakery. We were at the Farmers market for a while. However, our ingredients were just too expensive. We were trying to offer organic, wholesome gluten free products, rather than the starchy products that I have found. We just weren’t making a profit, so we closed the business. I’m just not willing to lower my standards in order to make a profit! People who have celiac and gluten intolerances also have gut issues, and we need to feed our gut very nutritious foods – not starchy foods. I’m concerned about everyone thinking that they are now eating healthy now that they have cut out gluten, when they are just creating another problem. It’s a journey, though, we’re still learning about how to deal with this.

  50. Missy Hartman on

    Rib Crib in Ozark is a place that makes me sick every time. According to their well-used and stained copy of their allergen list, their Smokin’ Chicken Nachos are gluten free. I get sick every time I eat I checked further and it turns out that they put their Ranch style beans on the nachos..which contain gluten. So this time I tried the pulled pork and green beans..yup sick again. I will never go there again.

  51. Debbie Wilson on

    Please try our new gluten free bakery at the Farmers Park Farmers market only on Thursday evenings – Seeds Gluten Free Bakery! We are gluten free and also mostly dairy free, soy free, and corn free. We have a much higher quality of nutrition in our ingredients than commercial bakeries. Take a look at our ingredient labels when you visit us – from 4:00 to 7:00 on Thursday evenings in Springfield.

  52. Karen on

    Have eaten at Red Robin MANY times & NEVER been sick. I have celiac, eat gluten free food & tell staff. By now they know me. I love that place!!!

  53. Victoria on

    This seems to have been written quite some time ago, are there any updates to the list?

    • Lori on

      If you read through some of the comments, you can find that some people have listed other places, but it would be great if there was a more up to date list without having to read through every post.

      • Bev on

        I can’t even navigate the thread, but I think it was you asking where Farmer’s Park is located – 2144 E Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65804.
        This is close to where Glenstone and James River Freeway meet – as Glenstone goes south over the freeway, it curves around and becomes Republic Rd. There is a stoplight with a Houlihan’s at the corner, the Farmers market is behind there. Only on Thursday evening and Sat mornings.

  54. Marty Coopet on

    Try Sisters In Thyme st 306 E Commercial st.
    We have a separate GF kitchen on a separate floor from our regular kitchen. We offer Sandwiches, pastas, salads, soups, desserts, muffins, GF baking products. Need a special order? Just give us a call 417.873.9224

  55. Marty Coopet on

    Please try Sisters In Thyme 306 E Commercial st, Springfield Mo 65803

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