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Answers to My Personal Medical Mystery

I’ve not updated in a very long time, but I am today because I was going through this site and realized that you guys never did find out what was *actually* wrong with me.  On December 2, 2012, I landed in the ER with jaundice, severe nausea, excruciating pain and more of the same.  The ultrasound technician found several large nodules on my liver of an unknown cause.  After exhaustive testing, it was determined that I was suffering from a Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction that was causing digestive enzymes to back up into my pancreas and liver.  The pressure was causing the pain and eating low residue foods (like many of the things included in the GF diet) had kept it from spilling over more quickly.  After many corrective surgeries, I went back for an MRI on my liver in October 2013.  The nodules were completely gone, as well as the impregnation of the tissues that had originally been identified as fatty liver disease.

Although I am still slowly working toward permanently correcting the severe malnutrition I’ve suffered from being such an unthrifty digester for so many years, I am improving.  The nerve pain and lack of motor control is improving every day (I was also suffering from a severe calcium, potassium and magnesium deficiency and wildly uncontrolled diabetes from digesting my own pancreas) and my blood sugars are normalizing.  I haven’t had chronic diarrhea for months.  There may still be some digestive issues under it all, but the heart of the thing… the root of it, was that Sphincter of Oddi.

I am absolutely the farthest thing from a doctor, but I also know how frustrating and horrible it can be to be sick forever with no hope or end in sight.  If your Celiac disease is only suspected and not confirmed by a positive blood test and biopsy, I urge you to have someone who understands the hepatic system to look at your bile duct.  I got *so* lucky, but I know many of you haven’t hit the medical lottery yet.  My best to you all.  ~Kristi